While Japan had re-invented itself as the Japanese Imperial State in 2006 and during the worst ravages of VITAS the Mexican Government had fallen the most major shakeup of world politics would begin a bit later. Remember how most of the land that corporations received as extraterritorial holdings came from reservations. Well it turned out that the tribes that had been living there were none too pleased about that. The formation of SAIM (Sovereign American Indian Movement) and their decision in 2009 to take over a US nuclear base and achieve a missile launch prompted a drastic response. In late 2009 the Re-Education and Re-Location (ominous sounding, eh?) allowed for anyone connected with SAIM to be interned at a “re-education center.” Predictably this was abused to almost comical degrees and the conditions in the camps were squalid.

Normally this would simply be another sad chapter in history in which a peoples were slowly eradicated and no one would care until about 40 years later when the documents bcame declassified. All of that would change with The Awakening of course. In 2011 Daniel Howling Coyote would lead his followers out of his camp into a storm and literally disappear. This would kick off a guerilla war that would end in 2018 with the treaty of Denver. The Native American Nations would acquire almost the entire American west excluding California.

That wouldn’t end the breakup of the US however, in 2030 the Untited states and Canada decided to merge, the idea had been around since 2018 and finally it appeared to make economic and political sense. Of course not everyone was happy with the movement.

California was one of the major opponent to this merger and would stage many, many referenda against its finalization. California was cursed with getting what it wished for and in 2036 was voted out of the union in 2036.

California’s opposition would find fertile ground in many of the southern US states, as they felt northern sprawls were getting preferential treatment. After VITAS, The Awakening, and the crash of 2029, the new UCAS (United Canadian and American States) simply decided to let Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Lousiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia walk out and form The Confederation of American States. Florida Oddly enough would join the Caribbean league. This would along with the formation of Aztlan create the modern map of North America.


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