Corporations can be broken down into 3 categories based on their debt rating, AAA, AA, and A. In case you’ve forgotten your history lessons a AAA has more say about your rights than whatever country you might be a citizen of. So pay attention.

AAA rating
These are the big boys, they sit on the Corporate Court, they make the rules that every other corporation has to follow. Extraterritoriality be damned, you obey corp law whenever or wherever you can be caught. Each one of these corporations has a private army that rivals most nations’. They run the world now, you had better be used to it by now. These are the current big boys:
Ares Macrotechnology
Evo Corporation

AA rating
AA corps are either the wannabe’s of the favorite son’s. General Motors has always been favorite subsidiary of Ares, along with well the remnants of NASA. Other AA corporations are the ones that either have enough power to make it on their own, maybe even Extraterritorial rights. What the independent AA’s don’t have however is a voice on the council so if they don’t play nice enough they can find themselves in a world of hurt. If you are a AA held by a AAA then you get all the fun benefits, at the cost of controlling anything inside your company.

A rating

Almost exclusively held inside of another corporation. If they aren’t that means that the service they provide is an extreme niche, or just sucks. I’m sorry but no one wants a USB rewinder, however if you do sell it to someone at all, well say goodbye to your marketing department. They all just got better offers.


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