Organized Crime

With all the new grey areas in the law about who actually owns a good chunk of the land, organized crime has flourished. The oldest players, outside the Italian mafia, are all in bed with a mega-corp. And it makes sense, extra muscle outside your sprawl, and easy and well organized way to get less than legal items into facilities. Wide reaching agents who are used to being hunted by the law. Thats not to say their particuarly loyal, its just a good sense relationship. In fact with Mitsuhama it is hard to tell who actually calls the shots the Yakuza or the Corp.

In Seattle there are three major players right now.
The Yakuza who of course is tied in with Mitsuhama. The Yakuza is organized around families. There are 4 major Families right now, Katsumoto and Akigagi are based out of Japan and its conquered territories. The Yoshihama family is trying to make inroads in Europe. And Watada-Rango runs the Seattle operation. Each family has an internal hierarchy, top down and autocratic. If you are in the Yakuza you do not disobey an order, all that bushido bullshit. That of course doesn’t stop each one of the families form vying for inside the overall oranization.

The Vory on the other hand is a different story. Having had to survive in communist Russian they established an entirely different structure. Instead the Vory appears to have no organization, but on closer inspection they operate far more like terrorist cells. Often acting independently of each other and each group running its own racket. What keeps this all running though is the Thieves Code, a universal set of rules that govern how you treat other thieves. This thing has been around since Ivan the Terrible and their still going so it must work. Due to this nebulous construction you can never quite stamp out the Vory, though now that they are connected to Shiawise that would be nigh impossible. This also means its hard to know exactly who outranks who, and if one groups captain is another groups henchman.

Finally the Triads. An ancient organization steeped in numerology mythology, and de facto enforcers for Wuxing. The Triads differ in that they try to maintain as much legitimacy as they can, theres actually a chance that if someone investigated one of their fronts they wouldn’t find anything illegal. Triads also accept the most metahumans and seem to have the least prejudicial recruitment policies. Sounds rosy until you realize they are still a ruthless trafficing organization that sometimes makes major decisions using astrology (not as strange now that magic actually works)

Organized Crime

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